If I call 911 and an ambulance comes to my house will I be charged for that service?

No. All services provided by the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department are free of charge. This includes all medical and fire related calls. The town of Sherman provides the department with funding each year to maintain our apparatus and pay for fuel. All manpower to staff the calls is provided through volunteers.

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What is the average age of a member of the SVFD?

We're an aging bunch. The average age of our active members is 43.5 years old. Right now our roster only includes a few members who are under 25 years of age. While we welcome any new members, we would especially like to see some younger members added to our ranks.

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If I have brush that I want to burn should I call the fire department?

Any open burning in the town of Sherman requires a burn permit issued from the Fire Marshal. A copy of this permit is provided to the fire department for our awareness. Although it is not necessary to contact the fire department it is a good idea to inform your neighbors that you will be burning so that they do not call 911. If someone calls 911 to report a fire we will still respond to investigate even if you have a burn permit. If at that time we determine that the fire is not being controlled properly we will put it out.

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Why is the curent firehouse being expanded instead of constructing a new building from the ground up?

It was put to vote at a Previous Town Referendum whethere the existing facility should be renovated or a new building constructed. The results of the vote were to renovate the existing structure.

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Why does Sherman need another meeting room?

The multipurpose room is not an addition to the number of meeting rooms in Sherman. It replaces the inadequate existing meeting room in Town Hall.

It will also serve as the training facility for Emergency services, the town meeting room for all large town meetings as well as a certified shelter and a rentable space for private functions. The current meeting room in the firehouse is used over 300 times a year.

It will eliminate the need to construct a new meeting room at Mallory Town hall that was recently estimated to cost $400,000.

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How many pieces of apparatus does the SVFD currently have?

The SVFD currently operates 8 pieces of apparatus. See the Apparatus Page for details.

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If the new Sherman Emergency Services Facility is built, will there be a need at a later date to add a sub-station to house additional apparatus?

No, if the proposed facility is constructed there will be no need to add a sub-station in the future.

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