The Sherman Volunteer Fire Department is an all-volunteer organization providing fire fighting and ambulance services for the residents of Sherman. The Town also participates in a paramedic intercept program that deploys a paramedic to the scene when warranted by the victim’s symptoms.

SVFD Contact Information

Phone: In emergencies dial 911
For routine calls: (860) 354-9273


Mailing Address:
Sherman Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 249
Sherman, Connecticut 06784

Charter Hall rental information

SVFD Officers
  • Bob Accosta, Fire Chief
  • Chris Fuchs, Assistant Chief - Fire
  • Kathy Grant, Assistant Chief - EMS
  • Kris Fazzone, President

Fire Marshal
  • Interim Fire Marshal - Dave Lathrop, (475)228-6080
  • Burn Permits - Jim Reilly, (860)488-1111

Office of Emergency Management
Call Totals

Year Fire EMS Both Total
2018 156 207 38 405
2017 101 188 35 329
2016 129 221 40 390
2015 87 170 100 357
2014 76 205 51 332
2013 92 191 39 322
2012 109 185 45 339
2011 149 177 45 371
2010 105 157 262
2009 98 188 286
2008 103 191 294
2007 92 196 288
2006 91 180 271
2005 95 169 264
2004 82 169 251
2003 77 165 242
2002 77 157 234
2001 85 152 237

Medic Alert + Safe Return

On August 19th, the SVFD received training from the Alzheimer's Association regarding responding to incidents involving patients with Alzheimer's or dementia. In addition to other care needs, one of the programs that we learned about was designed to help address the risk of patients who wander.

The Alzheimer's Association has partnered with MedicAlert to provide a service called "Medic Alert + Safe Return". Through this program, individuals who are at risk for wandering wear a MedicAlert bracelet which contains an identification code and toll free number. In the event that a person wanders off the bracelet helps first responders identify them and provides a means for notifying the appropriate care giver through the ID number. This is critical information which otherwise might be difficult to obtain. Details about this program can be found at

In addition the Alzheimer's Association has a 24 hour confidential help line which will assist caregivers in the day to day hurdles faced when living with or tending to someone with Alzheimer's Disease. That number is (800) 272-3900. Please note that this is not intended to be used in case of an emergency. For all emergency situations please continue to call 911.

2019 Fireman's Ball: Fire and Ice

You are hereby coordially invited to the 2019 Fireman's Ball on Saturday, August 3rd. Advance tickets may be purchased at the Sherman IGA for $35. Tickets will be available at the gate for $40.

EMS Week 2019: May 19-25

In 1974, President Gerald Ford declared the first “National Emergency Medical Services Week”. Across the nation this May 19 - 25, communities will honor the contributions of EMS practitioners. From rural communities with little to no local health care services to major cities teeming with humanity, dedicated first responders provide immediate care during a health crisis. Whether there is an accident or an illness, these trained professionals work around the clock to make sure care is available quickly. Keeping up with the latest training ensures they know the most effective life-saving emergency treatments. EMS practitioners are professionals of the highest caliber.

The Sherman Volunteer Fire Department purchased its first ambulance in June, 1964. Its dedicated volunteers are on call 24/7 to provide Emergency Medical Services to Sherman and neighboring communities. During National EMS Week, please take time to recognize their contribution to the welfare of our Community.

Online Donations to the SVFD

For individuals who prefer using paypal or a credit card to make a donation to the SVFD we now offer that option. Click on the button below to make your donation.

Call totals for 2018

2018 marked the first year that the SVFD responded to over 400 calls.

The year had a grand total of 405 calls of which there were 207 calls which were EMS only, 156 that were fire only, 38 classified as a combination of fire and EMS and 4 calls for public service.

In addition to a record number of calls we received an equally impressive amount of support from the local community in the form of monetary donations or goods and services for this years Fireman's Ball. Without your continued support we would not have the resources available to handle the call volume that we did.

So how does a Knox Box work?

A knox box is a small vault that holds a key to a residence or business which can be accessed only by emergency personnel. In Sherman, there are only 3 keys which will open these small vaults. One key is carried on the ambulance, one on our first due fire engine and one on our rescue. In order to access this master key, a first responder must enter a personalized PIN code which mechanically releases the key and electronically logs the date and time that the key was removed, who removed it, and when it was returned. This log is reviewed on a monthly basis to prevent any unauthorized use of the key.

To participate in the program a homeowner or business owner can go to the Knoxbox web site and place an order for the box that best suits their needs. The knox homebox,, was specifically designed for residential use and is not intended for commercial applications. For commercial locations, orders must be placed from When an order is placed, the fire department is notified of the address that the box will be installed. Once the box arrives and is ready to be put into service then the fire department is contacted so that they can come out and secure the key in the box. From that point forward the resident no longer has access to that key. If the locks are changed for any reason the fire department must be notified so that a new key can be placed in the box.

In Sherman, the entire process can be done online and the only reason to notify the fire department is when the box is ready to have the key secured. Another point to note is that the master keys for Sherman will only open vaults in Sherman and will not work in any other town.

EMS Billing for the SVFD

Due to the ever rising costs of providing emergency ambulance transports, the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department has made the decision to implement an EMS Billing Recovery Program; this program will begin on March 16th, 2016. These charges will be billed directly to the patient’s medical insurance, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance Plans. Most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid will cover the expenses of the medically necessary ambulance transports. We feel this program will be beneficial to the citizens and allow the department to continue to maintain the same quality of emergency medical services.

Patient care will continue to be the most important issue at hand when a citizen calls 911. A patient will never be denied services based on their ability to pay or lack of health insurance.

When a citizen is transported by the ambulance, the crew members may request from the patient, family member or hospital additional insurance information. If this information is not available at the time of transport, the patient may be contacted by Shared Response Health Systems Inc. to obtain this information in order to facilitate the billing process.

If you have any questions regarding EMS Billing Recovery Program, you may contact Kathy Grant, EMS Assistant Chief at 860-354-9273. If you have any questions regarding a patient invoice, you may contact our billing agency directly at 860-663-3634 Shared Response Health Systems Inc.

Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

When the SVFD responds to a reported fire within a home our primary concern is for the safety of the residents. If you listen to the radio when there is a call one of the first things that you will hear is a sizeup that includes if all the residents have safely been evacuated from the building. Smoke detectors are a critical component to making sure that everyone is out. Simply put, smoke detectors save lives.

The American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter is making homes fire resistant through the Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. At no cost to you, they will demonstrate some simple changes in the home that will help you protect your family against fire. In addition, the Red Cross will install a FREE smoke alarm within your home.

For more information and to sign up for the program please click here

Charter Hall Rental Requests

Requests for Renting Charter Hall at the Emergency Services Facility are now being handled by the Sherman Volunteer Fire Department. Information on making a reservation and the necessary forms can be found at the Charter Hall rental request page.

Autumn Fire Safety Tips

Here are a few helpful safety tips as we transition from the warmer days of summer to the fall and winter months ahead. Click here for printable version of the flyer

Portable Generator Hazards

With the harsh weather conditions and extended power outages that the area has experienced in the past few months, many people have decided to purchase a portable generator to be prepared for the next storm. The US Fire Administration, together with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has put together a set of guidelines to assist in keeping generator usage safe. When used improperly, generators pose fire, electrocution and carbon monoxide risks. By following the suggestions established in the link below, generators can be used safely.

Portable Generator Hazards

This information is also available from a link on the Useful Information and Links tab at the top of this page in the Health and Safety section.

Keeping Tabs on the SVFD

If you're the type of person who likes to read the police blotter so they have an idea of what's going on around town you can take a look at the SVFD call blog. This is a very brief summary of each of our calls which is a quick way to get the pulse of the department activity. The information that is posted has been sanitized so that it does not contain any names, addresses or ages which protects the privacy of the person or persons who the call was for. These are not novels, each entry has a one or two word description of what the call was along with the dispatch time and the call code.

You'll notice that calls can come in at all times of the day or night. Everyone always thinks of the fireman who's being woken up in the middle of the night to rush out and run into a burning building. As you can see from the call times and types that is rarely the case, we especially need volunteers who are available during the day to handle EMS related incidents. If you are interested in joining us, please leave a message at (860) 354-9273 or stop by the firehouse on any Monday evening and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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